Why You Should Study In Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)

Allama Iqbal Open University is a public research university located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established in 1974 since then AIOU has been a name of providing quality education especially in distance learning education in the fields like Engineering, Law, Philosophy, Natural and Social Sciences providing extensive programs in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral in the above mentioned academic disciplines.

AIOU is world’s fourth largest institution with an annual enrolment of almost 700,000 students as per spring semester 2016, and it is the highest number of enrolment in the history of university says the university press release with majority of them women.
aiou result can been seen from its website and regional offices. It was created after the success of “Open University” in United Kingdom. It is also Asia’s first Open University that largely focuses on quality distance learning education. It is also famous for its cost effective policy to provide higher education at minimum cost because it is funded by government through specialized fund.

It has the largest academic staff in Pakistan comprising 2899 and a lot of students with a humongous number of over 1.3 Million.

Administration and Governance of AIOU Comprises Upon

  • Chancellor (President of Pakistan)
  • Pro Chancellor (Federal Minister for Education, Ministry of Education)
  • Vice Chancellor (Chief Executive officer, Dr. Shahid Siddiqui)
  • Executive Council (Governing Body)

 Faculties in AIOU

  • Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

 Now the question arises why one should pick AIOU? Well the answer lies right here in the belowparagraphs.

  1. It provides educational facilities to people who cannot leave their homes and jobs in such a manner as it may determine.
  2. It provides quality education at a very minimum cost.
  3. It facilities masses for their educational uplift.
  4. It provides training to teachers in a manner it may determine.
  5. It provides instructions in such branches like technology, Research oriented fields.
  6. It holds examinations and awards degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions.


Following astonishing features of AIOU will definitely make it easier for you to decide WHY AIOU…?

  • It operates in semester system offered twice a year spring and autumn.
  • It offers over 2000 courses.
  • It has 9 regional campuses, 33 regional centers, 41 approved study centers (face to face study programs) and 138 part time regional coordinating offices.
  • The largest publishing house in Pakistan printing over 1.8 million books annually.
  • The largest teacher education institution with almost 400000 student enrolment.
  • AIOU is the very first university in Pakistan to establish student database.
  • Computerization at main campus by providing over 700 PC’s also provided Internet facility at main campus.
  • Collaboration with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).
  • Pioneer institution in Pakistan to introduce Post Graduate level programs in Special Education.
  • Only institution to offer Post Graduate level study in Educational planning and management.
  • A very well established institute of Educational Technology having in house facilities for production of TV Radio and other non-broadcast programs.

AIOU Students Profile

More than 70% students are employed. Female student enrolment is more than 50%. There is no age limit for enrolment in any of the offered program. Moreover a student can start the semester at his/her own place. The rural urban distribution of the students is 58% and 42% respectively. AIOU result has the facility that the learners can choose the courses of their own choice.

This article is a modest effort to construct a soft image of this mega university which greatly focuses on strengthening delivery system, ensuring timely availability of books for the students while improving the quality of education. It certainly has opened up great educational opportunities for the working people and has provided access to the females at their door steps with now breaking new grounds in the fields of professional, scientific and technical education. It is attempting to reach out to the remotest areas of Pakistan to provide quality and affordable education. With its main objective since its creation which was to deliver quality education to those who cannot leave their homes or jobs it has indeed more than fulfilled its promise.


AIOU has earned many national and international awards for its continuous struggle and achievements. Some of the most famous awards of AIOU includes UNESCO NOMA award and Raja Roy Singh award for innovative strategies for imparting literacy to the rural masses.



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