Non-shedding Dog Breeds

Many people would love to own a pet dog, but are wary among the potential mess that shed dog hair can cause in their homes. Great want a dog that will not shed to be their companion. Unfortunately there ‘s no such thing as canine that doesnt shed at all. All dogs will shed and replace at least some of their hair, just like people do. There are a couple of breeds that shed a great deal less than others, however, picking one of these breeds can keep the shedding mess to a negligible.

Airedale Terrier:

The Airedale terrier is often a large terrier with a difficult coat that sheds very little. These dogs can be good with children, but such socialization needs to start early in the dogs life. They may play too roughly for small children. These are loyal and trainable dogs, but are very naturally curious and not easily coaxed away from something that catches their interest. The Airedale usually grows to about 22-24 inches in height plus weight of 50-65 pounds.


The Cockapoo is reminiscent of the Poodle, especially with a backlash. It has a short, curly coat and does not shed much but does require above average grooming. Understood a cross regarding the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, hence its appearance and name (Cocker + Poodle = Cockapoo). These dogs are very friendly, loyal, and sexy. They are good with children and other dogs and are especially very easy to train.

Italian Greyhound:

The Italian Greyhound is a miniature Greyhound. The body style of this dog is nearly exactly like associated with his racing cousins, but in a convenient, compact quantity. These dogs are gentle and submissive. They become very emotionally attached to their people. They are obedient and simple train, but likely to be mischief and keywords when theyve been naughty. They get along well with children if the students are well behaved. When the kids are high strung and rambunctious, the dog become too. It ideal for in a quiet household. The coat of the Italian Greyhound is short and sleek and they dont shed much at all.

Miniature Poodle:

The Miniature Poodle is not a classic breed all to itself, but one of the many three AKC recognized sizes of Poodles. Like all Poodles, they shed very little, but their short, curly coats require considerable grooming your pet. They are very intelligent, playful, and quite trainable. They generally get along well with children, but they can be sensitive or nervous around rowdy kids. They easily integrate by using a family and believe that they have in becoming a part of all family activities. They’ll often act as though theyve been slighted if not for family activities.

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