How to create Happy Birthday Images Online

Are you wishing to create a happy birthday image online? Do you know photo editing? Do you know the best online tools to find, edit, and create custom Birthday photos?

If no, then today I will show you how to create custom Happy Birth Day photos online?

Follow the below steps to create Personalized Happy Birthday pictures: –

Go to

To create a personalized happy birthday photo, you will need to search best Birthday niche images. For this purpose, explore This website offers access to 90000+ premium Quality HD royalty free photos to online users.

Use search terms like “Birthday” “Birthday cake” etc in the search bar and download it.

Create Account at

Once, you have downloaded Birthday picture, then the actual task starts. Now, it’s time to edit your image to create personalized birthday image or card.

Open and create your account. You can create account at Canva using your FB or G+ login as well.

Once you will login to the Canva editor, you will find different pixel combinations to create a custom image. Click on “Social Media (800X800)” pixel.

A new editor will get open in the new window. Click to the option for uploading your image. Once the image gets uploaded, click on your image. Then scale it to cover the complete image layout.

Once you cover the blank image space, then click on text menu and select a text style. Edit the text and Replace it with your keyword like “Happy Birthday + name”.

Also, you can do more creativity with the text as well. Change the Text font, color, and space using the menus located above the Image Framework.

Once you are done with editing, click on “Download” button, choose your preferred Image type and hit “Download”.

Your custom Happy Birthday image is ready, send it to the right person and make him/her feel special.

Similarly, you can create good morning images, hi, hello images etc using the same technique.


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