How to Create and Add Alexa Widget to your Website or Blog

This article is about to create and add alexa widget to your website or blog. Here we are guiding you the simple method and it’s quite easy to add alexa widget to your website or blog. Alexa ranking is the one which is indirectly says that it’s the ranking of your blog in Google. Alexa Ranking of the blog defends on the different factors like quality of your articles and backlinks and some more things. This Alexa Widget also to get better Alexa rank and this is the main factor to add this widget to your blog. Below we have given some features. You can get those features by adding Alexa Rank Widget to your WordPress blog.

Benefits to Add Alexa Rank Widget:

  • It works like Alexa toolbar means it boosts your website Alexa Ranking as it detects every visit to your website or Blog and helps you to get better rank.
  • It will help you to someone looking at your Blogs Alexa Rank even it might be Advertisers or webmasters.
  • It will count your frequent updates in your blog and helps to update Alexa rank fast.

How to create Alexa ranking widgets to your Blog:

It’s too easy to create and add Alexa Rank to your blog. You can add it in different ways. You can add it on simple way like adding HTML code to text widget and you can also add this using WordPress Plugin and its an ultimate method to add Alexa Rank Widget.

1.      Add a Simple HTML code for Alexa Rank Widget (Add HTML code to Text Widget):

There are no widgets to add Alexa Rank widget for your blog but it provides HTML code. There are two types of Alexa Rank Widgets, where one displays only Alexa Ranking and another one display site backlinks with Alexa Ranking. You can choose one of them as your choice means just copy the HTML snippet you want.

Widget that displays website rank

<a href=”“><script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script></a>

Widget that displays both website rank and website links

<a href=” “><script type=”text/javascript” src=” “></script></a>

You can also get these HTML snippets on official website click here Alexa widgets page. Here you just have to replace the “” to your blog name that’s it. Just look below to check How to add HTML code for Alexa Rank Widget:

How to create Alexa ranking widgets to your Blog:

After making above adjustments you just need to following things to add Alexa Ranking widgets to your Blog. Just copy the HTML snippet and Go to your WordPress blog Dashboard> Appearance > Widgets > then select Text Widget then drag it to wherever you want like Footer or Sidebar and then paste the code in given area of Text Widget and save it.

2.      WordPress Plugin to add Alexa Widget:

WordPress Plugin to add Alexa Widget using this Pluginyou can easily add the Alexa Widget to your Blog or Website. There are lots of plugins available out there and you can use them to add Alexa Widget to your blog, that’s it. There will be simple methods to add your Alexa Ranking Widget to your blog and check them out.

Note: I will suggest you to use first method to add ALexa Ranking Widget for your blog. You can add Alexa Ranking Widget by Plugin with super fast but the problem is unless plugin slow down your website loading speed and don’t use lot of plugins.

Final Say:

I think this tutorial was amazing. There are few simple methods to add Alexa Ranking Widget and you didn’t need to worry about anything, I always here to help you and we will reply to your question within 24hours. Free feel to ask. Any suggestion or queries regarding this guide are openly posted through comments using this below form. That’s it.


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