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UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is very common among women these days. It can be because of anything, like eating of stale food outside or while sharing public utilities from another woman who have used it before you. Below are few remedies to cure yourself from this infection.

Keep yourself clean

Keeping yourself clean is the key to avoid and treat this kind of infection. There are various medicinal intimate washes available in the market these days. Regular use of this product will help you stay away from infection as it generally kills bacteria.

It also maintains the pH balance of that area which do not create an atmosphere for bacteria to develop in the area.

Change your undergarments daily. It is recommended to use cotton briefs as they are good for your skin and allow appropriate amount of air to flow through. Wearing briefs made of synthetic material can cause harm to your body part. They rub against your skin and create enough warmth and moisture which promotes bacteria to grow and develop.

Hydrate regularly

Drink lots of water. Even if you don’t have infection, drinking water will help you keep your urinary bladder clean and functioning. It does not allow any material to stay in your urinary tract or bladder for long enough to develop infection.

Although it may be painful to urinate regularly while you have infection but it will certainly help you to heal quicker.

Also, once you have been to the washroom, try to wipe yourself dry so that you do not leave moisture to help the bacteria to grow and develop. This can cause irritation and aggravate your condition.

Normalize your diet

If you have got the infection, it is advised to eat home cooked food. You must avoid the use of strong spices as they will worsen your condition. Also, they will create irritation while you urinate. Eat salt in less amount. Eating boiled food which is easy to digest is best for you in this condition. This will help to cure the infection rather than aggravating it.

You should also avoid strong drinks like caffeine, tea and carbonated water. It is best to stick with plain simple water. This will help you heal your infection better and quicker.

You can incorporate probiotics and vitamin C in your diet. Probiotics helps to keep your bacteria flora in balance which helps to avoid any kind of illness to develop. Vitamin C on other hand work like and antibiotic which help you heal quicker.

Use heat pads to cut down on pain

You can certainly use heat pads to cut down pain caused by UTI. This is better than taking pain killers which can load up your kidneys and may cause harm to them.

Do not apply the heat pad directly on your skin as it may cause burn marks on your skin which you might not notice at that moment due to pain. It is advised to use heat pad with low heat and should be applied on short intervals of ten to fifteen minutes.

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